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Advertisements, Promotion and Publications

Taiwan Trans provide services to help foreign companies print name cards, posters, booklets and leaflets according to your individual needs. With the establishment of your company in Taiwan, you might need to develop relevant mobile Apps or print out instructional manuals and leaflets to support your business.


Printing and other Promotional Strategies

*Printing of name-cards, posters, leaflets, etc.
One of the most efficient way to promote a business is through the exchange and delivery of printed goods. By exchanging name-cards at business conferences, or putting up posters around town to let people know about the opening of a new restaurant, you are bound to attract new business partners and customers. At Taiwan Trans, we offer our clients the service to design and print such promotional printed goods to help secure the company's steady development.

Moreover, by printing locally here at Taiwan, you can save a lot on transport expenditures.


*Online promotional strategies
We can also offer our clients the option of online promotional means such as advertisements on Facebook. By doing so, we can ensure that the targeted groups of customers can be easily and constantly exposed to promotional advertisements of your company, thus allowing a steady growth of customer sales for your business.




Chinese Website Translation and Design

*Allow updates
Through the Content Management System, our clients are able to amend and update the content of the translated Chinese version of their websites by themselves with ease. Even with the absence of professional IT talents or the sufficient understanding of HTML and relevant techniques, you will still be able to amend and update the content of your website as according to your needs.


*Taiwan-style Design
Apart from the simple translation of your websites into Traditional Chinese, Taiwan Trans can mold your website into its Taiwanese version as according to the design trends and preferences in the Taiwanese market. 

Localization of the designed product is one of the primary aims for our website designers here at Taiwan Trans, and thus can best promote your products and services into the Taiwanese market to target customers. We will also make sure there are two versions of your Chinese website: Mobile Web-Design & Desktop Web-Design.

*Taiwan EC Website
At Taiwan, after registering your business with the Taiwan Government, you can run your business entirely online without having to open a physical storefront shop. All you have to do is conduct your business and customer service online, and you are good to go.

*Domain ( Registration
The official domain title at Taiwan is: As companies are not allowed to use this domain title without registering with the Government first, such a domain title is highly trustworthy and relied on by online customers. It would thus be a good idea to set your official website to this domain. 

We also offer support in the registration process, as well as on management of the domain.

*Taiwan SEO
Search Engine Optimization allows a website to make full use of search engines, such as Google, to contact with the maximized number of target audience. Search engines such as Google and Bing, display search results according to the different geographical areas, so that despite being of the same content, websites of different languages are shown in separate lists. It is thus important to refine the selection of wordings and description for the Chinese version of the websites, and at Taiwan Trans, we make sure to cater to that.

*Development of Mobile Apps (iPhone & Android)
In this age of technology and information, Apps have become something people engage with on a daily basis. To best expose your products and services to the target customers, it is thus essential to develop an App with all the relevant information embedded within. We can not only help you develop your own individual App, but also translate it into Traditional and Simplified Chinese for the Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese market respectively. 

 Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries and quotation services.