Restaurant/Store Extension Support

Ramen Ogawa / Ramen Restaurant
What did we do:
• Register and set up Ramen Ogawa (Taiwan branch)
• Work Visa application
• Import equipment such as noodle-making machine and design of kitchen system
• Set up an automatic ticket vending machine
• Assist management of salary, financial accounting and business tax audit
• Provide healthcare plans for employees

Ichizen Curry / Curry Restaurant
What did we do:
• Establish and set up two branches of Ichizen Curry in Taiwan
• Carry out field investigations to find the most suitable locations for the two branches
• Assist interior and sign board design
• Promote opening of the two branches through Facebook
• Assist the choosing and purchase of both local and alien ingredients
• Provide healthcare plans for employees

Banjiro /Izakaya Restaurant
What did we do:
•Restaurant relocation suggestion
•Help to sell facilities of original restaurant
•Field investigation for new location (competitiveness in neighborhood, customer base, price range)

D Company / Food and drinks industry chain store
D Company is a chain store which mainly focus on the Hokkaido area. They not only expand their enterprise to Hawaii and other area but also Taiwan is in the part of their plan
What did we do:
•Marketing research of the physical storefront over 991.7 square meters
•Introducing talented person
•Providing the meeting place for interview
•Represent the company to get in touch with the manager of each shopping mall
• Represent the company discussing the expanding plan in Taiwan
•Help to recruit professional manager and personnel


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