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Q1. How many languages can you translate? In what fields?

A. We have a number of professional translators proficient in more than 50 languages, such as Japanese, English, Korean, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian, etc. Whether it is patents, contracts, certificates, publications, product manuals, latest news, academic researches, science and technology news or electronic semiconductor and documents in different fields, Taiwan Trans can provide you with the most appropriate translation services.

Q2. Could you explain the process of a translation project?

A. After receiving the original document, we will quote according to the difficulty for translation, the number of characters, delivery time-span, etc.
→ Provide a quotation to the customer to confirm the order; 
→ Assign the case to professional translators specializing in the specific field;   
→ Proofread for 2-3 times and refine quality of translation; 
→ Deliver and submit the translated documents; 
→ Revise (If you have any problem about the translation, we will revise it for free.); 
→ Close the case.

Q3. When should I pay?

A. For an individual client (not in representation of an organization or a business enterprise), the full payment is to be made upon confirmation of the order after signing and returning the contract to us via email/fax. For corporate clients, we will send a billing statement after the delivery and submission of the document(s).

Q4. The document translated by other translation companies is very bad. Can you revise it for me? What would you charge?

A. We will provide a quotation of translation for you and re-translate it.

Q5. How many days do you need to translate?

A. It will take at least 2 working days. If it is an urgent case, additional charges will be applied.  

Q6. How many words of translation could you process per day?

A. On average, every translator can translate about 2000 characters per day.

Q7. Do you make use of translation software, such as Trados?

A. That will be by case.

Q8. Do you also provide typesetting and printing services?

A. We can provide a one-stop service that includes: translation → typesetting → printing.

Q9. Do you provide trial translation services?

A. Yes, we provide free trial translation services. However, we will have to charge you for the trial translation service if the document is too long. 

Q10. If the original document is of hard copy, may I fax or mail it to you for quotation and translation?

A. Yes.

Q11. Can you mail the quotation sheet, delivery order and billing statement to me?

A. The quotation sheet will be sent by EMAIL or FAX. Please sign it and return the signed copy to us upon receiving it. The billing statement will be sent by mail after the translation or interpretation case is closed.

Q12. I would like to translate web pages, may I provide you with the HTML or SCRIPT file?

A. Yes, but please explain clearly.

Q13. Will you charge for quotation?

A. The quotation service provided by Taiwan Trans is free of charge.  

Q14. How many translators do you have?

A. We have thousands of foreign and local Taiwanese translators and interpreters. 

Q15. What is the minimum charge of your service?

A. The minimum charge is NTD $600.

Q16. Will there be additional charges after I confirmed the quotation and begin the translation?

A. There will be no additional charges unless you give us more texts or documents to translate.  

Q17. How do you charge for your service?

A. We will offer you the quotation after viewing the text. 


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